Accidental Almost Half-Millionaires

May 31, 2012 — 1 Comment

We hear this story all the time. The IRS mistakenly sends a check, someone mistakenly spends the check, and that someone ends up in a federal penitentiary. However, in most recent news, a longtime Cleveland waitress, Ginny Hopkins, received a check in the mail from the IRS for $434,712 while she was expecting $754. While many people would enter a moral battle on whether to spend the money, Ginny Hopkins knew that it was illegal and highly unethical to use this money at her leisure. The only spending she did was in her imagination, which took her to places like Hawaii and Rio for Mardi Gras.

“I have many new best friends now, let me tell you,” Hopkins said as she moved from table to table at Johnny’s Downtown in Cleveland.  Many of her “new best friends” have suggested cashing it, while many others have urged her to return it. Hopkins made up her mind prior to any of this advice. “They’ll put me in Alactraz, waiting on the night shift at Alcatraz,” Hopkins said.

Hopkins returned the check to the IRS on Wednesday and should expect her refund within the next six weeks. For now, friends have given her money to pay off her expenses while she waits.

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