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Interestingly, the United States government’s federal taxing and spending, as percentage of the country’s GDP, has been nearly similar in the last four decades, as seen in the two graphs below. Continue Reading…

With economic uncertainty still abound and fiscal cliff negotiations at a standstill, these industries are among the few whose profits have remained steady throughout the financial crisis.  As a law firm specializing in tax law, we’re fortunate to see that legal services and tax preparation are among the top service related industries with regards to their pre-tax profit margin.  Also of note in the below infographic is that financial investment activities remain the most profitable sector in America despite all we’ve heard about crippling regulations, bailouts, the downfall of Wall Street, etc.  As for the future, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that home healthcare and individual family services will benefit from the most growth in 2013 and beyond, but if you really want to go where the money is, consider dentistry school – which sits just below financial investment activities on this list.
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The most profitable Industries, pre-tax


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